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what is visual pr

Why Visual PR and How Does it Work?

Find out how the Visual PR team and services work, and why working with us can give you the interaction and exposure you/your organisation deserves!

Why choose video for your PR?

Did you know that videos are 53 times more likely to grab and hold someone's attention than plain text alone? That's right, video content; especially live (or "as live"); can be more captivating than text on its own, and help you cut through the noise to make your PR stand out even more AND retain control of its interpretation by those digesting it!

With Visual PR's style of video content, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand's personality and values to an even greater extent. Whether you want to be funny, informative, or heartfelt, the video content can help you bring your brand to life, give you control of the tone you wish it to be received in, and help you create those personal connections.

Connect with your audience in real time!

Elevate your business game with live online conversational broadcasts with Visual PR!

When we host your live online broadcasts, you get a seamless professional showcase for your business and its people.

Engage directly with your audience, showcase your products/services/people, answer questions in real-time, share behind-the-scenes insights, build authentic connections, and create a buzz that lasts and stands you out from the crowd!

Boost brand loyalty and stay ahead in today's dynamic market.

Build trust & credibility with a global audience

Not only can this video content reach far and wide, but people are also more likely to trust a brand that shows the faces, voices, processes and premises behind it. When it is not scripted, feels natural, facilitates interaction, and there are clearly no "smoke and mirrors", it instantly provides credibility and connections.

Imagine you were considering two identical holiday cottage lettings, both with great photos and write-ups. But one of them also had regular live/as-live video content from the owners and/or team, showing and telling you all sorts of aspects of their cottage, service, surrounding area, optional extras, etc. What impact is that likely to have on you as a potential customer? Now adapt this principle to you or your organisation and consider the impact it could have.

This video content remains useful long after it is broadcast or recorded, and can even be repurposed, whether that is to create multiple short-form videos or extract the audio and/or textual dictation from them for social media posts, podcasts, or to help you create blogs and other supporting written PR content.

Why choose Visual PR

With the rise of online video platforms, your PR message can reach a global audience with just a few clicks. Whether you’re targeting a specific region or a worldwide audience, video can help you connect with people all over the world.

Disciplined PR & Marketing Consistency! Guaranteed to be put out every month, rather than running out of time or focus.

Visual PR have the production, broadcasting, and editing technology, equipment, and know-how.

Your productions can be live or "as-live", and the on-camera action can be OF you, WITH you , or FOR you.

Consistency of your brand, including your corporate colours, logo(s), tone, and on camera appearance.

Broadcast live to your YouTube channel, social media, or website, and can include live viewer interaction

Finished shows can be provided to you/your PR/Marketing team(s), can be dissected, dictated, or even audio-only for podcast

Endless possibilities from educational, interviews, Q&A’s to marketing videos, testimonials, venue tours, or from live events.

Options & Process

Your content can be:

  • LIVE - One to many stars/guests, broadcast to the likes of YouTube, social media, LinkedIn, and/or websites
    • This also enables viewers' questions/comments to be shown on the screen with their profile image and name
  • As-Live - Free-flowing to retain integrity, authenticity, and fluency, but uploaded as required
  • Or even a hybrid incl. playing videos/interviews within a show when recorded previously at different times, time zones, and/or locations

The content can be done:

  1. WITH you - Visual PR founder & professional presenter, Chris Dawes, can interview you/your guests, which makes many feel much more natural and relaxed, and thus more fluent content than presenting to camera for many
  2. OF you - We run the production/broadcast in and from our virtual studio, but you and/or your guests are the ones on camera. (N.B. our parent company, Open Dawes Training, can also provide media training if required)
  3. FOR you - We can even be your presenter for you if you would prefer.

Multiple stars/guests can be part of the show at the same time:

  • Multiple cameras/views on screen, with altered focuses of chosen cameras at any one time (dynamically changed by Producer)
  • Backstage/green room area for guests to wait to be taken in/out of the show at the right times
  • Private text chat functionality between guests/stars during show
  • Guests/interviewees can also be on mobile device cameras to allow the showing of things other than their faces, and alternative locations


To ensure consistency and discipline, Visual PR creates, follows, maintains, and shares collaborative processes (e.g. with your PR/Marketing teams), including full visibility via project management tools where appropriate. These include:

  • Obtain logos, images, and any video stings you already have
  • Establish corporate colours for banners etc. used in the shows
  • Create connections to your social media and/or YouTube channel(s) to broadcast to if live. Can also be embedded into website pages
  • Create or upload show intro, segue, adverts, and outro videos (incl. usage/editing of any video & image collateral provided)
  • Complete branding for all shows to represent you/your organisation


  1. Scheduling and holding monthly video conferences/meetings to discuss and plan the next month’s content, objectives, schedule, and stars/guests
    1. We can collaborate with your PR/Marketing teams to either be guided for the content/subject matters or to provide the selected content back to them.
  2. Create show’s studio, content, and schedule posts
  3. Provide show-specific studio links to guests/stars
    1. Pre-show meetings within the show’s studio to test everyone’s connection and kit, and answer any pre-show questions
  4. Broadcast live or record show
    1. Production – manage cameras, audio, use of media, and display of viewer comments/questions on screen (live show only)
    2. Present/Interview (where appropriate/required) – by our founder and professional presenter and sports commentator, Chris Dawes
  5. Media Training can also be provided to your or any of your nominated guests prior to the show if required via Open Dawes Training
“The Live Visual PR Option Ticked So Many Boxes For Us!”

"Taking our information live as a "chat show" to our YouTube and Facebook channels really helped us get much more engagement, get the information out quicker, and create much more of a personal contact with people, including answering questions and getting live feedback.

The possibilities of what we can share and the fun we can have with it is huge and we can't wait to have this consistent output of content that is much more natural, but a production that looks so professional!"

“Virtues of Being Interviewed”

“I felt much more comfortable, and was, therefore, able to speak much more fluently when I was being interviewed instead of just trying to present in front of a camera!”