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bring your pr to life

About Visual PR

Helping to bring your PR to life.

Business presentations, to international motorsports commentator, to voiceover artist and live host/presenter, to public speaking coaching company, to hosting virtual chatshows during and after lockdown for motor racing circuits, championships, and commercial organisations... That's a clear and obvious route to Visual PR, isn't it...

Find out how all of these things merged to form the beginnings of Visual PR and who we are at the core!

The media foundations…

Our founder, Chris Dawes, has been in sales and marketing roles since graduating from Plymouth university in the year 2000, and his presenting passion and flair led to him becoming a professional motorsports commentator in 2012.

His commentating career quickly grew and sees him commentating and reporting/interviewing from pit lanes, paddocks, and podiums pretty much every weekend at circuits the length and breadth of the UK, and international events in various other countries, both at circuits and live broadcasts.

The business journey

This work and exposure quickly led on to many other elements of work, including presenting and hosting (camera, radio, and stage), VoiceOver artist, sports reports and interviews for BBC Radio, and many other interesting things that involve him speaking in front of or with others.

As a result of feeling incredibly blessed to do all of these tasks, Chris also set up Open Dawes Training to provide public speaking, presentation and communications skills, and media training for individuals or organisations to grow in confidence, willingness and skills to speak in front of or with others, and “open doors that they may never have known existed”. This training can also be provided to those appearing on camera for your content if required.

The birth of the virtual studio...

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Chris Dawes was asked to host online chat shows for Castle Combe Circuit to provide people with an escape in very confusing and scary times. This was the birth of Combe TV which is still going strong and has involved interviews with many special guests, broadcasts of live race meetings, virtual awards show (nearly 4 hours and over 50 guests...), several other live events and previews of them, launches, announcements, and educational shows with live audience interaction.

The culmination…

As a result of this show forcing Chris to identify and master the best virtual studio suite (and video editing) to facilitate the quality of production or broadcast that he was looking for to provide the level of interaction and engagement that benefitted viewers and the production company/sponsors alike, this grew to be used for several commercial and other sporting organisations and it started to become clear that this was a service that could benefit so many people or organisations.

Then the final dawning happened at the start of 2023 when Chris realised that combining all of his skills and experiences creates a unique and widely beneficial addition to PR and marketing strategies, and by request set up Visual PR to help organisations and individuals bring their stories to life in engaging and fun ways that text or corporate videos alone often can’t achieve.

Combining the technology, know-how, focus & discipline, interview & presentation techniques, passion for production, and eye for detail, the Virtual PR team can provide you with authentic and engaging content that can be put out by and for you consistently and regularly to ensure that your intended audiences look forward to each instalment of your broadcasts, no matter what it is!

Visual PR Options

The main options are about creating a controlled schedule that suits you, whether that is once a month, fortnightly, or weekly.

The trick is not to think "Who would listen to our information?", but to provide the video and audio content for "them" (whoever they are) to watch/listen to, interact with, and make the connections feel much even more personal and authentic!

We have packages that suit everything from individuals/micro-businesses through to multi-national corporations/events!