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Customer Branded Interactive Live Video Podcasts and Event/On-Location Broadcasts

"Elevate your brand & ignite your audience engagement with the power of live video!"

We work with individuals and organisations (and/or their PR/Marketing teams) to add "Visual PR" to their PR and marketing strategies by creating interactive live (or "as-live") online conversational podcast-style productions from wherever you/your guests are in the world, or broadcasts direct from your events or locations. They are hosted, produced, and broadcast from our client-branded virtual studio to YOUR YouTube and social media, to put you in control of how your information is received & perceived, and let your customers connect with the personalities behind your brand and people!

Strike when your PR is hot!

Visual PR services are not about creating more polished corporate videos for you (although we can add these where required). It is about creating video (and audio) content that are free-flowing conversational interviews/discussions, which are proven to engage audiences even more, and have a greater feel of authenticity and integrity when it is natural rather than scripted. They can even be fun for you and your audience...

These shows can incorporate the following examples (which can be interspersed with corporate videos), and can include viewers' questions and comments if broadcast live.

  • Announcements, launches, updates and news items
  • Interviews (including a backstage green room to hot swap guests in and out of the show)
  • Meet the team(s)
  • Testimonials
  • How-to, training, and demonstration footage and discussions
  • Tours and behind the scenes
  • Q&A sessions
  • From live events, and many more...

Videos have the scope to:

  • Be more captivating than text on its own
  • Provide greater depth and insights
  • Showcase your brands' and people's personalities
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Evoke emotions
  • Be repurposed (including using the audio for podcasts and transcription for SEO)
  • Increase engagement and sharing

More Than Just the Show

Visual PR provides more than the show itself, as it provides a veritable feast for both marketing and PR efforts before and after the production is broadcast. Examples include:

  • Preview and promote upcoming episodes, their content, and any guest appearances (who tend to share also) - can include video trailers
  • Evergreen resources on your YouTube and Facebook channels
  • Repurposing of each episode (e.g. audio-only podcast, transcription for textual content requirements, training, used within marketing collateral, etc.)
  • Consistent blog/news page content every month
  • Search engine optimisation (episode description searchable in YouTube and website search engines, transcription. blog creation, etc.)
  • Clip creation and conversation pieces as a result of each episode providing plenty of collateral and ideas for digital marketing efforts.
  • PR news pieces for external news/journal outlets (including links to the relevant show)
  • Backlinks, and many more...

WITH you, OF you, or FOR you

You and your guests can be stars of your own shows from wherever you/they are in the world, with your corporate identity, personality, and integrity clear throughout!

Visual PR have the virtual studio, tech (equipment and software), know-how, and time, so you don’t have to!

We have the presenting, interviewing, and production experience to create engaging productions and/or live broadcasts to bring your PR, you and your organisation or team, your products/services, and your activities to life! Whether this is done:

  • WITH you (remove the pressure or just trying to talk/present to a camera with the easier, more relaxing, and more natural feeling of being interviewed and the flow of the show hosted and managed by our founder and professional sports commentator, interviewer and presenter, Chris Dawes),
  • OF you (you on camera and we focus on the production/broadcast for you. Our partner company, Open Dawes Training Ltd, can even provide media training for anyone due to appear on camera if required),
  • FOR you (or we can even be your presenter)

So, how does it work?

We realised with our written PR that we had no control over if a piece is being read, how much of it is being read, and the tone/emotions that it is being read in. But with PR also in video format, it allows us to portray the message as intended (including emotions), keep the viewers engaged, and have the chance for immediate viewer interaction if live.

We create a virtual studio consistent with your brand and corporate identity, with your colours, logos, banners, images/graphics, and incorporated video stings.

We have a green room backstage area which enables us to involve multiple guests and/or locations throughout a broadcast (multiple or one at a time) and manage the production and broadcast for you.

We have the processes and focus; headlined by monthly video calls to plan each month's output; to ensure discipline and consistency of your Visual PR releases/broadcasts, month after month, no matter how busy you are!

Sample Broadcasts

This is just a selection of our clients and some previous episodes broadcast

“The Live Visual PR Option Ticked So Many Boxes For Us!”

"Taking our information live as a "chat show" to our YouTube and Facebook channels really helped us get much more engagement, get the information out quicker, and create much more of a personal contact with people, including answering questions and getting live feedback.

The possibilities of what we can share and the fun we can have with it is huge and we can't wait to have this consistent output of content that is much more natural, but a production that looks so professional!"

“Virtues of Being Interviewed”

“I felt much more comfortable, and was, therefore, able to speak much more fluently when I was being interviewed instead of just trying to present in front of a camera!”