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Find and connect with more of your ideal clients every month!

What if we said that in just one natural conversation a month (that we catch on camera), you could increase deeper and more personal connections with potential customers, and regain control of how your information is received and perceived?

From that one conversation, Visual PR creates video, audio, textual, marketing and PR content, assistance with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) efforts, and even live interaction during those conversations. We then link them all together to feed each of their successes.

Whether it is done for you, with you, or working with PR and Marketing agencies or departments, our targeted, cumulative, and interlinked aspects maximise results!

Greater Reach, Deeper Connections!

No more scripts awkwardly read to the camera for your video content!

We start with longer-form conversational-style video content, which is broadcast live (or recorded "as-live" and uploaded) to YOUR YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and X channels, either from our client-branded virtual studio for remote guests or in person with a multi-camera setup, to create and maximise authentic connections and engaging content.


Connecting the dots between your PR and Marketing strategies!

We typically work for and with our clients on a retainer basis (although one-off episodes or live events are possible, if appropriate). From this video podcast talk-show-style content, we create PR and marketing collateral for you, such as the following: 

  • Video Clips for your social media posting
  • Extracted Audio - adding audio-only podcasts (linked back to the video version)
  • Transcriptions - blog posts and/or SEO
  • Dynamic Branded QR codes - can be updated to always point to the latest episode, selected episodes, or the whole series playlist.
  • Posts to promote your upcoming episodes, guests, and content before going live!
  • Episode descriptions are written with SEO in mind, especially for YouTube and Google.
  • Avoid your blog/news website pages being neglected with guaranteed content every month.
  • Creating a growing evergreen resource of valuable and credible content and insights.

Video content promotes your podcast -> podcast promotes your YouTube content -> social posts with video clips link to the full video and/or audio episodes -> transcriptions plus YouTube and podcast embedding simplifies blog and PR article posting (all linked back to the full video/audio episodes) -> dynamic branded QR codes enable written or printed marketing and PR collateral to link back to the episodes (with analytics) -> everything written with SEO in mind! -> PR and Marketing teams and strategies linked and mutually promoting more than ever

Linked PR and Marketing

Bring your written articles to life, and resonate with your potential customers, with credibility and authenticity that they can instantly and deeply experience!

Whether in person with our multi-camera studio setup (brought to you, or you to us), or our client-branded virtual studio allowing guests to appear online from wherever you/they are in the world, the work is done for and with you (including professionally hosted and presented if preferred).

We make sure they are all linked together and promoting each other to maximise the success of your PR and Marketing strategies.

Put yourself back in control of how you can connect with your potential customers in an ever-more disconnected world, and take your brand connections to a deeper and more personal level.

Visual PR is a complementary addition to written PR, corporate videos, and podcasts. Making effective use of YouTube being the second largest search engine, and the veracious appetite for video and audio content...

Selling without selling!

The PR philosophy is about the sales message being under the surface rather than overt and in the face. The priority is given to helpful, informative, engaging, educational, and insightful content which helps the viewers connect on a deeper and personal level and feel the credibility and integrity of you, your people, and your brand in a more natural way. Visual PR brings your PR to life!

When it resonates with them or provides the authenticity and connection that they (and you) were looking for, then it starts meaningful conversations. Give people the chance to really understand what you are trying to say and to experience your true personality.

These shows can incorporate the following examples and can include viewers' questions and comments if broadcast live.

  • Knowledge and expert pieces.
  • Educational or How-To episodes.
  • Announcements, launches, reveals, updates.
  • Interviews with customers, suppliers, special guests, etc.
  • Testimonials
  • Tours and behind-the-scenes.
  • Meet the team.
  • Bring previously written articles to life in conversation.
  • Q&A sessions.
  • Live events, and many more examples

Consistency and Expectation

To really make an impression we need to repeat the actions and maintain consistency. We ensure this as part of the retainer contracts by scheduling each of your episodes every month, with a focus on consistency of day and time. This removes the burden from you and avoids the risk of "best intentions" falling by the wayside...

Episodes can be monthly (most popular), fortnightly, or weekly. Our project management ensures that they are pre-booked in terms of date and time, subject(s), and guests or co-hosts well in advance, along with the consistency of scheduling (e.g. last Monday or every month) and promotion time of upcoming episodes, which drives audiences to grow as word spreads, and expectation of the next episode rising month on month.

So, how does it work?

Visual PR’s service is:

  • Podcast meets live video streaming,
  • PR meets Marketing,
  • and “talk show” meets webinar.

No script or uncomfortable talking to the camera, but bullet points of a running order and content to cover in a natural discussion. All of this is either hosted by one of our professional interviewers to keep everyone relaxed and the conversation naturally flowing or produced and directed for you if you have the perfect presenter.

We work either directly with end-users, or with outsourced marketing, social media management, or PR companies as a value add service (including white labelled if appropriate).

"Interactive branded online broadcasts to elevate your brand and ignite your audience engagement"

“You just forget that the camera is even there because it feels so natural!”

“The conversations are engaging to watch and you feel like you are part of it. The information being shared becomes much more entertaining and interesting to listen to.”

Challenges with written PR alone include:

Are the articles being read at all? How much of it are they reading? And are they reading it in the tone and emotions I intended? And what analytics can we get from it?

Challenges with corporate videos alone include:

Perception of a lack of authenticity and integrity when they are scripted, edited, censored, and polished. Unnatural to read a script to a camera. Often avoided by potential viewers when assuming they are about to be sold to.

Sample Broadcasts

This is just a selection of our clients and some previous episodes broadcast

“The Collateral Created from Each Episode is Hugely Useful”

"When we just did a podcast on its own we were disappointed with the number of downloads and it proved very difficult to gain traction. But from each episode by Visual PR we not only get a video version of the podcast-style conversation on YouTube and our social platforms, but we also get about a dozen video clips from each episode to use in our social media marketing efforts, transcription text to create a blog post from every episode, branded QR codes from each episode to include in written PR or marketing work, and still the audio of it to still have a podcast as well. All promoting one another, with SEO content in the right places! It joins everything up."

“The Live Visual PR Option Ticked So Many Boxes For Us!”

"Taking our information live as a "chat show" to our YouTube and Facebook channels really helped us get much more engagement, get the information out quicker, and create much more of a personal contact with people, including answering questions and getting live feedback.

The possibilities of what we can share and the fun we can have with it is huge and we can't wait to have this consistent output of content that is much more natural, but a production that looks so professional!"

“Virtues of Being Interviewed”

“I felt much more comfortable, and was, therefore, able to speak much more fluently when I was being interviewed instead of just trying to present in front of a camera!”

“Great Conversation Starter”

"We have found that the content of the episodes is referenced regularly, either by existing customers or triggering conversations with new prospects. Whether it is content that resonated with them, a greater connection with our people that appeared on them, or just something that made them chuckle in the conversations. It really is a dynamic and vibrant way to get exposure and connect to a deeper level."